Steve’s woodworking introduction

I thought I’d expand my astronomy website and include some of my other hobbies, which I have too many of!  I’ve always been interested in woodworking, but hadn’t really built anything nice until I built a wooden clock from plans in 2011. You can check out my videos of the clocks on Youtube, first my uncompleted clock  and the finished clock.  The clock was fun, and I do plan on making several more of these from the Clayton Boyer plans I  purchased.

I’m upgrading my shop, and after much research, decided to get the SawStop 3HP Professional Cabinet Saw.  The SawStop safety feature where the blade will stop and retract into the saw wasn’t my first consideration, I was looking for a top notch precision saw.  My old table saw wasn’t very precise, but I was able to do a lot of projects with it.  The safety feature is very nice, of course.  It’s peace of mind that I shouldn’t be able to cut my fingers off using this saw, if I end up making a mistake.  Most of the pictures of people that got their fingers into this saw show either nothing at all, or a slight red mark that doesn’t even require a band aid.

My new SawStop table saw

As everyone says about SawStop, their instructions and parts for putting the saw together were spectacular, you’ll not see anything like it anywhere else!  Instructions are simple and easy to understand, and there is no confusing the parts to use for each step, they are in a color coded package so you know exactly what to use. The saw looks awesome, and so far works great, with very precise cuts.

Soon I’ll go over my modifications to the saw, where I added the Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension, along with a Incra Master Lift II-R router lift .  They make different sized lifts, so make sure the lift you buy fits the router table hole.  Based on some of my research, I think a lot of you will like hearing about how that worked with the mobile base for the saw.  I’ll describe in detail how I mounted the router table in place of the SawStop extension table for the 36″ rails.

I will be adding in links to Amazon to the products I am talking about, or used in my projects.  If you use these links, that will help support this web site.

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