Quick Update

Just a quick update. I’m finishing up the drawer cabinet under my new Roubo workbench. It is going great.

I also found another project because my dust collection filter cartridge clogged the other day. Or it finally slowly slowed down enough that I noticed, when my jointer, then table saw, then garbage can thien filter all clogged on me. I was slow to get the point, but finally checked my cartridge filter and saw a thick cake of fine dust covering the inside.

A few years ago, I upgraded my Jet  DC-650 dust collection system from the bags, to a Wynn cartridge filter. The bags are known to put a lot of fine dust back into the air. The fine dust is the worst for your lungs. So I upgraded to the Wynn 35A cartridge filter, their MERV 15 Nano filter, a very good filter.

When the cartridge clogged up, I thought it would be nice if there was something that would tell me way before the point I let it get to, that it was getting clogged. I looked up and found some videos on making a manometer, a clear tube filled with water in a U shape, that you can make marks on the board it is mounted to, to tell where it is when clean, and where it gets to when it is super bad, and then I can see how clean the filter is. I thought about that, and wondered about the water evaporating, or getting all gunky in the tube. That didn’t seem good.

I wondered about some sort of electronic solution, and came across some Arduino projects. That seemed like what I wanted. I’m a programmer and love little electronic projects. I haven’t ever used an Arduino before, but I ordered one and got started learning. I’ve used the C language for many years, so that was easy to get used to. I got a 3.5″ TFT LCD touch screen for it also.

I’m in the middle of a very cool project to monitor the dust collection cartridge. It monitors the pressure inside the cartridge. When the filter is clean or new, there will be very little pressure build up. When the filter gets dirty, the pressure inside the cartridge will go up.

A sample of what it will look like when the DC is off. With some extra numbers being displayed – not quite perfect yet.

If you think you might be interested in a project like this in your shop, stay tuned. I’m also adding a real time clock, and a little sensor that gets the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. I might as well have something interesting to display when the dust collection system is off! I’ve also thought of a couple other Arduino shop projects I will be working on. The second project will add onto the same dust collection hardware in my first project, the other project will have its own Arduino.

For those of you interested in this project, I’m going to be selling the Arduino software along with the detailed wiring details needed to hook this up. You will need some soldering skills. But you won’t need to know how to program. You’ll be able to choose Fahrenheit or Celsius, 12 or 24 hour clock, Barometric pressure units, and the pressure units inside the cartridge filter (depending on what you use in your country).

I expect to have a YouTube video and article (and code) available sometime in May 2018. It’s going to be fun!

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