Make a solar LED garden light from scratch

I will describe how to make a solar LED garden light from scratch, using the 5252f part which runs the light at night once the light on the solar LED gets low. It also keeps the battery from draining down too much and damaging the battery. It does not have an overcharge circuit. Be careful not to put too much of a solar panel, in milliamps, as you can overcharge the battery. But you might consider larger solar panels for AA batteries (rather than a AAA battery), or in places where the device might be indoors and not get a lot of sun, or only in direct sun for a limited time per day.

Check out my YouTube video covering this article. While this article goes into more detail in some spots, it does not contain all the information in the video, so check out both.

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Arduino Talking Dog Buttons

I’ve been following Christina Hunger’s Instagram posts and web page about her dog Stella and her board of buttons that enable her dog Stella to talk. It’s very incredible to see a real conversation between a dog and her owners. She’s using “Answer Buzzers” that you can get from Amazon, four buttons for $20 to $25. Each button can have a short phrase, or one word recorded on it, and Christina puts them on a piece of cardboard with a label near each one. Stella learns which buttons are what based on the position of the button on the board.

My Talking Dog Button board, made with an Arduino Mega and a 24″ x 48″ board that will hold up to 32 buttons.
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